Red Lantern Escape Rooms: The Hardin House Mystery

By | May 23, 2020

by Red Lantern Escape Rooms (website)

471 West Lambert Road, Suite 108, CA 92821


Up to 8 players

Team of 2: £46.00 $60.00
Team of 4: £46.00 $60.00
Team of 6: £69.00 $90.00

The year is 1988. You are high-schoolers trying to find out what happened to a classmate who’s gone missing at Hardin House—you know, the house with all the locks and puzzles? The house where a famous archaeologist disappeared without a trace a few years back? The house where people see strange lights and hear odd noises? What could go wrong!?! So grab your Members Only jacket, throw on some leg warmers and get Nancy Drew-ing!
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"The Hardin House Mystery" is probably one of our favorite audio escape room experiences so far. The owner (also our narrator) took us back to Spring of 1988. We "stood" in front of the Hardin House and the story began...

Uncover the mystery of the Hardin House with a delightful audio guide

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