Mystery Mansion Regina: Night Terrors

By | May 23, 2020

by Mystery Mansion Regina (website)

2333 Albert Street

3-8 players

Team of 4: £38.00 CA$66.60
Team of 6: £58.00 CA$99.90

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​After finding one of his childhood drawings, Alex is suddenly plagued by nightmares of "The Sleepyman".
Seeking to rid himself of his night terrors, Alex turns to a hypnotherapist. Playing the role of his subconscious, you will need to help Alex figure out what's causing his nightmares...before it's too late.
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Nothing about this room terrorised us, we loved it. A good use of Telescape and live video made for a slick and seamless game. The star of the show though was our avatar who brought the character to life and really made this game special.
It's 1:50 in the morning and I'm going to bed hoping I won't have any nightmares. Not because the room I just played was bad or so scary that I fear for my sleep; no, it's because the theme of night terrors lends itself to it and has planted a seed in my subconscious.Tonight we played in a Canadian escape that offers 3 themes at the moment. As often we will connect to zoom 15 minutes before the beginning of the game, this is where we will communicate with our Avatar (Game master aka Sam aka...

This story line was really good. It kept us intrigued the entire time. By incorporating the audio concept of storytelling with puzzles, it made us feel like we were not just playing a regular puzzle solving game but were really part of this horrible nightmare. We looked forward to solving each puzzle since we're always rewarded with another development in the story. It almost felt like opening a different chapter in a book....

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Theme-wise, it might not been as "nerve-wracking" as some I've played in England or even the Netherlands, but it still conveys the right feels - especially if you happen to know that the game is played in Mystery Mansion's older building, which is next to a funeral home, and that some employees actually refuse to work there at night, believing the place to be genuinely haunted.

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