Lost Escape: SteamPunk

By | April 22, 2020

by Lost Escape (website)

4-6 players

Team of 4: £35.00 €40.00
Team of 6: £52.00 €60.00

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75 mins
Alternatyvi praeitis. Pramonės perversmo laikotarpis. Profesorė Gingercraft savo privačioje laboratorijoje atrado naują Nesibaigiančios Energijos šaltinį. Deja, Godiems ir Įtakingiems toks atradimas nepatiko, juk pritaikius naująją technologiją, energija būtų nemokama bei visiems prieinama, o jie prarastų visą kontrolę garo energijos pasaulyje!
Profesorė buvo pagrobta ir įkalinta, tačiau jokie kankinimai neprivertė jos atskleisti Nesibaigiančio Energijos šaltinio buvimo vietos. Tavo komandos užduotis: slapta patekti į Profesorės Gingercraft ofisą, surasti Teseraktą – keturmatį energijos kubą – ir sunaikinti visus išradimų dokumentus bei pačią laboratoriją. Laimei, apsukrioji išradėja savo laboratorijoje paliko užuominų, kurias pavyks surasti tik tiems, kurie veikia žmonijos labui!
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This game would have be 10 times better if we had played it in person. Currently there are some components in terms of puzzles that didn't translate as well for the online version. It would be great if an inventory portal could be implemented along with some interactive puzzle elements so the players could play along with the avatar in the future. But the set design, lighting and tech aspect of the game was beautifully done. It almost made up for the puzzle aspect of the game. We would still recommend this game especially knowing that you don't know when you'll get the chance to travel to Lithuania in the near future.
Somewhere in an alternate timeline exists a fantastical, mechanical world – and it needs our help!
This was a physical room that was available for online play via an avatar who was extremely friendly and welcoming. Prior to playing the game, we were sent an email with some images that provided a closer look at some elements in the actual room. While the gameplay was standard for a linear escape room, the contraptions and steampunk devices were just wonderful to see and "play" with. It was one of those rooms that would have been great to play in person because of all of the tactile puzzles (no padlocks) and cool gadgets to fiddle around with. There were some nice special effects (again, wish we saw them in person) and you could the passion that the creators had in producing a nicely polished game.
Una expedición especial “Al Futuro”, nuestra organización ha sufrido un ataque informático y nuestro conocimiento sobre los viajes en el tiempo ha podido quedar al descubierto. Deberéis completar la misión más importante, para ello viajaréis 60 minutos antes del ataque. ¿Conseguiréis frenar el ataque informático?
Steampunk in Lithuania

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