Escape Experience Chattanooga: The Bunker

By | April 18, 2020

by Escape Experience Chattanooga (website)

1800 Rossville Ave, Suite 1, TN 37408


2-8 players

Team of 2: £76.00 $100.00
Team of 4: £114.00 $150.00
Team of 6: £153.00 $200.00
Public booking: £19.00 $25.00 each

remote play
The date is August 1, 2009, and you are the first to arrive at your new military post inside the Ochs-Bragg Missile Complex (OB-16.12). Shortly after your arrival, a sudden event inexplicably triggers a total lockdown of all doors and controls and immediately initiates what appears to be an automated missile launch countdown. Has the computer detected a real nuclear threat, or is the launch system malfunctioning?
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From the comfort of our own personal bunkers, we dial in remotely to another to stop a nuclear armageddon – without ever leaving the house.
Intensely Hunkered in a Bunker

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