Trapp’d Leeds: Reanimation

By | March 31, 2020

by Trapp'd Leeds (website)

1 Benyon Park Way, Holbeck, Leeds LS12 6DP


2-6 players

60 minutes

Daylight in your attic begins to fade as the warm sun disappears beyond the horizon and is replaced with thick, black clouds signalling the beginning of the storm you have waited for. Copious notes are sprawled across the walls of your laboratory accompanied by the remnants of wasted efforts, a constant reminder of your failure up to this point.
Everyday, Victor Frankenstein has endured toxic vapours, alcohol fumes, naked flames and the gut-wrenching stench of rotting flesh β€˜acquired’ from morgues, graveyards and dissecting tables. His gruesome collection. This all-consuming obsession to discover the secret to creating life itself with success meaning he would be revered by the creatures he creates and obtain for himself divine status.
Using all that has gone before, you too can accompany Victor on his path to greatness. Through the precise art of combining alchemy, chemistry and electricity, time is not on your side to complete his masterpiece. Your monster must be ready for the crucial lightening strike or else watch your creation perish.
There are no second chances in a game of life and death.
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A decent room that is definitely good for beginners and has enough fun to keep you going. Decent puzzles and theming made for an enjoyable experience

Body is sound. The corpse used is no Brad Pitt, not even a gothic beauty. Maybe Tom Hiddleston-as-Loki, more creepy than conventionally handsome 

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