Escape Newcastle: Dead Man’s Hand

By | May 28, 2019

by Escape Newcastle (website)

The Gate, Newgate Street, NE1 4XQ

Newcastle upon Tyne

2-6 players

60 minutes

Your band of outlaws have been travelling for days on route to Wild Bill's Tavern. Stories tell of a great treasure held in the Tavern's safe. You've sent a couple of your band to distract the Sheriff but they have bought you little more than an hour to get into the safe and retrieve the Dead Man's Hand!
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Our host was lovely and was able to provide us with just the right amount of nudging. Although for these digital games, we actually prefer playing them in self guided mode with hint system build-in to the game. But this game could also be played in competitive mode where you and your friends could compete to see who would be able to finish the game quicker, For this option, you'll need a host to break you guys up into different breakout rooms. We decided to play the game together as a team of 4 and finished in 45 minutes or so. If Escape Online is able to fix some of these hotspot integrations, it'll definitely make the game play a lot smoother. We look forward to trying their other games in competitive mode next time!

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