Richard Holtby

Played: 17th August 2020 Team size: 2 Outcome: Failed :-(

I liked this game better than Madame Gazunda but it still lacked any logical flow.

The theming was nice and the owner had built his room with a realistic feel of the underground, this is were our positivity ended. We were given 2 way radios in order to communicate with HQ but this seemed to work patchy at best. The flow was better to this game but some of the puzzles lacked much in the way of sense. 

Again we found the host was less than attentive as at times we were stumped and clues did not arrive, when they did arrive they related to puzzles we had already solved. Some of this game involves searching, which as enthusiasts we are usually pretty bad at now as we aren't always as observant as we used to be.

Again this room likes to use multiple padlocks on one door, which can be frustrating at the best of times. We also found that some of the puzzles would be difficult if you didn't have some knowledge of London geography and underground stations or at least this would be a significant time drain coming towards the end of the game.

Unfortunately this is another one to avoid for us as we had a bad experience all round at Escape Room Scarborough.

Played: 17th August 2020 Team size: 2 Outcome: Failed :-(

As an enthusiast we were really looking forward to visiting the only Escape Room in Scarborough but we were really disappointed with the visit.

The room was nicely themed although had far too many objects in there, alot were packed behind perspex so we were unable to rule out the many many red herrings in the room. 

The room lacked a logical starting point and we had real difficulty seeing many of the puzzles due to the awful lighting, although perhaps the room relies on natural light as it was darkening outside. The room lacked any sense of flow and the host likes to use many padlocks on one item, so on solving a puzzle you had nowhere to use what you had found and were back to being stumped.

It was clear that the host wasn't fully watching your game as when we were stuck clues came slowly and when they did arrive they usually related to a puzzle we had already solved. To me as an enthusiast I did not enjoy this game and would advise others to avoid.

Played: 22nd August 2020 Team size: 3 Time taken: 39:22 Outcome: Successful escape!

Disclaimer: We played this game for free during staff testing but this didn't affect the review.

Wonderful Theming.

We visited Trapp'd during their staff training and found this room was wonderfully themed, you really got the feeling that you were in a mad scientists lab. The room was dimly lit but this did add to the ambience throughout. As per our previous game this was perfectly linear, with a clear starting point and each puzzle cleverly leading onto the next one.

They had a tricky puzzle involving morse code which was easy to hear, but very tricky to translate due to the lighting and red plastic that you needed to use to uncover the 'secret' key. I would suggest they may like to change this to something so it is easier to read as we lost a bit of time on this puzzle.

Other puzzles flowed well and there were a number of logic, physical and some word puzzles which we found tricky, as our word expert wasn't with us this time. Leading on nicely to the final puzzle and conclusion filled with light and smoke effects. When we opened the final lock we received a bit of an anti-climax as the host was on the other side of the door and we expected another room but was very funny either way.

Well done to our host Simon who was very nervous, made worse by the management testing him by undoing a padlock and us 'falling for it'. Simon relax you were a great GM offering cryptic clues when required.

Played: 22nd August 2020 Team size: 3 Time taken: 47:39 Outcome: Successful escape!

Disclaimer: We played this game free of charge but this has in no way affected the review.


We were invited to test play this game during the staff training and having never played a Trapp'd game before, I can see that they have gone all out in order to obtain the theming to the room. They have fully integrated Covid precautions, hand gel is available in the reception and they require you to wear masks throughout. Being led into the rooms we played with a broom stick was interesting but potentially dangerous when you can't see where your going - this needs to be a little safer going forward.

Once in the room it was a thoroughly enjoyable experience, pretty linear throughout although there are several points when there is plenty to do for everyone although for enthusiasts I would limit the room to 2 - 3 maximum. I like the variety of physical and logic puzzles and some things I haven't seen before. 

Trapp'd you have your niche in the market and you are doing it well, we will definitely visit some of your other rooms in the future. Our thanks to Simon our GM who was very nervous throughout being new to the business.