Shrewsbury Prison: The Cell

By | June 30, 2019

by Shrewsbury Prison (website)


2-4 players

60 minutes

selected dates only
Cuffed and placed into your cell with the rest of your gang, the governor has given you 60 minutes to give up the mastermind and walk out to freedom or miss the deadline and spend the next 12 years behind bars.
You have, 1 hour, 1 chance and 1 name to make it out.
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🔐James Bloodworth expert rated this:Rated between 35 and 35 out of 5
Played: 29 Aug 2021 Team size: 3 Time taken: 45:00 Outcome: Successful escape!
great hosting
This is the easier of the two rooms at this venue and (as I mention elsewhere) there is something of a novelty factor in escaping from a genuine prison cell.  We had Officer Taylor once more as our Jailer and once more she stayed wonderfully in character throughout.  You can expect more usual ER tropes with this room and its relatively straight forward (it's advertised as good for beginners) and I would mostly agree.  I had an issue with how you solve the final puzzle (we completely overthought it and were looking for a much more complicated solution) but it's hard to elaborate on without giving away the solution.  This is a good room but could do with some tweaking I think.  

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