YouEscape: #1: Magnum Opus

By | May 15, 2019

by YouEscape (website)

£22.00 $30.00
Public booking: £7.00 $10.00 each

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The greatest alchemist of all time has mysteriously vanished.
It rests upon you, his loyal apprentice, to discover the reason behind his disappearance.
Your alchemy guild allows you to access his rooms for 60 minutes , before sealing them completely to prevent the misuse of his secrets.
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We try our first ever live online escape room where we have to find the reason behind the greatest alchemist of all time’s disappearance.

How does it all work? Patrons can pick a time slot (since YouEscape's owner is in Greece, those time slots aren't all that great for North Americans, but some are quite workable) and at the selected time, they'll receive a Google Hangouts invite link. (And assuming you went with the "team" subscription, you can then share that link with your teammates.) The team can choose whether or not they want a visible timer in the game space, and they also pick a level of difficulty which determines the number (and clarity) of the hints they can get.

YouEscape - or do you??

While it won’t replace visiting a real escape room, I think YouEscape is worth making time for – especially if you’re in lockdown or wanting a collaborative puzzle experience with friends who are far away!

The NoPro team escapes a virtual room using Google Hangouts

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