Shrewsbury Prison: Prison Break

By | March 20, 2019

by Shrewsbury Prison (website)

The Dana, Howard Street, SY1 2HP


60 minutes

selected dates only
You have seen ‘Prison Break’ you have seen ‘Shawshank Redemption’ and fancy yourself as a ‘Michael Scofield’ or ‘Andy Dufresne’ well now you can put this to the test and try to break out of a real prison in the World’s largest escape game and only opportunity to test your skills.
Prison Break is a 3-hour IMMERSIVE event taking place in 4 acres of a de-commissioned prison. Packed full of challenges, puzzles, hidden clues, helpful prisoners, hindering officers and a race to break out of the front gates and make your way to freedom.
Prisoners will have to escape their cells, figure out how to get off their landing, work alone or with others to find a way out of the wing and then take on the biggest challenge of all, BREAK out of the PRISON to FREEDOM.
3-hours, the cells are real, the bars are real, the officers are real, the race is on – will you make it out?
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