ClueQuest: cQ ORIGENES

By | March 20, 2019

by ClueQuest (website)

169-171 Caledonian Road, N1 0SL

Central London

3-6 players

60 minutes

In order to stop the Professor from breaching our firewall, you and your team will have to access Mr Q's old base. The only way in, however, is to shrink down to the size of a mouse with the help of the Shrink'o'Mat.
Word of caution, agents: the technology you'll be exposed to is...a bit unstable and still experimental. You'll have only 60 minutes to counteract the cyber attack and secure the mainframe before the Shrink'o'Mat's effect wears off and things get messy.
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Overall rating

Rated between 40 and 50 out of 5

based on ratings from 10 users
combined with 5 pro reviews

Player reviews

shasha experienced rated this:Rated between 50 and 50 out of 5
Anonymous rated this:Rated between 35 and 35 out of 5
stairs experienced rated this:Rated between 45 and 45 out of 5
PurpleB experienced says:

Original room with a really interesting theme.

Rated between 45 and 45 out of 5
imrahil experienced rated this:Rated between 40 and 40 out of 5
Joe Brown experienced says:
Intense puzzles combined with a really unique theme made this one of the most challenging rooms and our favourite yet at ClueQuest. Good for veteran escapists
Rated between 40 and 40 out of 5
Mike Smedley experienced rated this:Rated between 40 and 40 out of 5
Roory experienced rated this:Rated between 50 and 50 out of 5
laceyd87 says:

Great solid game, slightly lacking on front of house

Rated between 45 and 45 out of 5
Juliette B experienced says:

Very enjoyable with some fun "team" moments as a 4 in terms of working together. Well thought out puzzles. 

Rated between 40 and 40 out of 5

Reviews by escape room review sites

A new game from Cluequest is a rare and much-anticipated thing. One of the very first U.K. operators, they took the approach of running many copies of their games in parallel rather than churning out lots of different games, and when they do release something new, each time it’s easy to see that they’ve put a lot of work into making it a clear step up from the last, not just more of the same.
All their games share a secret agent theming with players being recruited for a super spy agency run by...
A game that more than lives up to clueQuest's reputation with great story, decoration and puzzles. If you're in or near London - play this game.
This room has almost everything I look for in an escape room: beautiful set design, clever puzzles, enough narrative to drive the game forward, and just a bit of humour
Easily ClueQuest’s best game, and hence the best extant game in London for me at the time of writing, I highly recommend this to anyone in or visiting London.
Another visit to clueQuest, another dastardly plan to foil. We volunteered to be shrunk to the size of our murine hero, Mr Q, to enter his old lab and counteract Professor BlackSheep's heinous cyber-attack…

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