Cryptology Nottingham: Dreamscape

By | March 20, 2019

by Cryptology Nottingham (website)


3-6 players

60 minutes

Dr. Lucy Dee has come across a roadblock in her research and has asked you, and your esteemed colleagues, to unravel her troubles and step into her shoes… or should we say head? The doctor has been researching dreams for a decade now and on the cusp on true, unfettered dream control, she has stumbled into something strange.
It seems like somebody wants to keep control.
Calling himself The Sandman, he insists that the dreamworld is his and his alone and Lucy’s dreams have become all the more random and uncontrollable.
Placing the contraptions on your heads you pull the leather strap tight and begin to enter freefall, the world around you has morphed into view.
Will you be able to collect enough of Lucy’s thoughts to be able to finish this milestone research? Or will you succumb to The Sandman and be plagued with nightmares from now on?
It’s time for a nap of epic proportions.
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The rooms were incredible – Dreamscape plays out like an escape room fan’s actual dream, with a huge volume of puzzles, all focussing on different strengths, and a great flow between each of the dreams! Each dream was so different from the previous and the types of puzzles in each room were SO cleverly tied into the feel of the dream you find yourself in. We spent most of the game working separately to try and tackle the volume of puzzles we were faced with – but we did come together a few times for some particularly tricky bits! We tried to separate according to our strengths (but in hindsight it was probably whoever got to the puzzle first! ). 

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