Exit: Dead Man on the Orient Express

By | March 20, 2019

by Exit (website)

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A classic tale of murder on the Orient Express, reimagined. The culprit of a grisly crime is still on board your train. It’s a race against time to piece the clues together before the train reaches its destination. The case is perplexing, and you must solve it quickly so the assailant does not escape. Difficulty Level: 4 of 5. This game can be played only one time because you must markup, fold, and tear the game materials to solve the crime.
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Exit's latest game is of course inspired by the Agatha Christie novel, and filled with nods and references to it, right down to the famous detective "Achilles Pussot" - who is missing in action, leaving the investigations to you. Fortunately it does not simply follow the resolution of that novel, so you don't have to worry about the plot being spoiled before you even begin.
Orient Express is marked as 4/5 difficulty, which puts it at the hard end of the notoriously tough Exit series; and...
An escape room in a box with a murder mystery element. I enjoyed the puzzles including one slightly unusual physical element but found that the murder mystery part frustrated me. A fun time for two players.
As a fan of the Exit: The Game series, Dead Man on the Orient Express has been one of my favorite installments. I enjoyed the puzzles and the way the difficulty mounted to an especially challenging final puzzle. This game deviated from some of the predictability of the past games.
Get ready for a ride on the rails that includes illegal dealings, nefarious plots, and MURDER. All aboard!
As the City adventurers are unable to actually visit escape rooms, I am going to add my reviews of Escape Games in a box that can be played at home. EXIT: Dead Man on the Orient Express Dead Man on the Orient Express is part of the third season of EXIT games. It is categorized as a

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