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By | March 20, 2019


The Panic Room have branches in Gravesend and Harlow. They offer 25 games, 20 of which are available at Gravesend.

Games in Gravesend by The Panic Room Gravesend

At Branch 1 (7 Berkley Crescent, DA12 2AH)
At Branch 2 (The Grove, DA12 1DP)
At Branch 3 (23a St Georges Centre, DA11 0TB)
At Branch 4 (Gravesend Borough Market, High Street, DA11 0AZ)
At no fixed location

Most recent ratings & reviews

Ben reviewed Loop by The Panic Room Gravesend:

We ended up playing this after doing dinoland and coming out buzzing to do another room and this was all that was available. We had no idea what the premise of the room was but the guys at The Panic Room were really helpful.

The idea behind this room is really interesting and adds to the pressure as you progress (I wont spoil the mechanic) takes a few seconds to get your head what is going as you play the room. When we finished the room the GM went through everything and explained how it all worked. The play areas are small I think it would be a challenge for more than 4 players but they quickly open up and there is plenty to do. The puzzles are all interesting and varied with a heavy reliance on technology and we struggled with a number of them. The method of communicating with the GM is very different to and added to the futuristic feel of the room.

Rated between 40 and 40 out of 5
Ben reviewed Dino Land by The Panic Room Gravesend:

This room is hard to review as its not your "traditional" escape room, its more of an experience. The room itself is mad and stupid but in a good way! We managed to book it with 25% off and for that it was definitely worth the money.

Firstly the theming of this room is amazing and covers quiet a large area with multiple rooms and puzzle locations and its easy to loose yourself in the adventure. The GM we had with us was really enthusiastic and really played his part of park ranger well, getting into character and encouraging us through out. The puzzles are a bit on the simple side but I suppose they take a back seat to the action and adventure and Some of them are a tiny bit physical but shouldn't pose a problem for the average person. Like the other reviews for this room we felt that the hints came  a bit thick and fast and lead us to believe we were running out of time to complete the room when actually we had plenty of time left.

As a pure escape room this would score lower but the whole drama story (and plain craziness) of the room means it gets a good score.

Rated between 45 and 45 out of 5

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