The Panic Room Gravesend: The Gilman Hotel

By | March 20, 2019

by The Panic Room Gravesend (website)

The Grove, DA12 1DP


4-8 players

60 minutes

A private investigator had been looking into the disappearance of important occult artifacts in a derelict coastal town. You lose contact with him so head there yourselves but by the time you arrive night has fallen so you find lodgings in The Gilman Hotel.
This is the same hotel where he had been staying, you head to your room and start to investigate but it seems the locals are on to you. Find out what happened, solve the mystery and reveal the secrets of this strange coastal town...
A lovingly crafted Lovecraftian Escape Room! Authentic, immersive and an amazing tense experience!
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I went into this game with little idea what to expect - the website description gives away little apart from a mystery involving some missing occult artefacts, in a strange hotel in a strange town. Even when the briefing referenced Innsmouth and Miskatonic University, giving away the Lovecraftian theme, I was unsure whether to expect occult horror, slasher gore or a detective investigation with overtones of the supernatural.
And... I'm not going to tell you. 😛 At least not in detail. Nervous pl...
A hotel where checking in is harder but checking out is harder. The puzzles weren't amazingly exciting but the immersion was top notch and came at you on several levels.
This isn’t billed as The Panic Room’s scariest game, that honour goes to The Dollhouse, but in many ways this one is far, far creepier, and sets out to wrong-foot you from the start. It begins with the host briefing you about your task (recover five ancient artifacts, put them in the bag, escape) before leaving you at the end of the corridor to the hotel, as he doesn’t want to go anywhere near it. The intro then gets even creepier, and introduces a dynamic to the game that really ups the tension.
The very moment the games master opens the door you are immersed in the story and the theme. There is a delightful surprise which we found soon after entering and a new take on something we have seen in a lot of rooms which made a nice change.

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