The Panic Room Gravesend: Secret of Pocahontas: The Lost Pages

By | March 20, 2019

by The Panic Room Gravesend (website)

Gravesend Borough Market, High Street, DA11 0AZ


For 2 players

60 minutes

Brand new 60 minute escape room in our new 4th location at Gravesham Borough Market!
During the recent renovations at the Gravesham Borough Market they stumbled across an old library! It is rumoured that this belonged to a very old records keeper and that he held a long lost secret about Pocahontas that he took to his grave.
The information lies within the lost pages, with only 60 minutes to find them can you set the truth free?
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In the curious niche world of escape room enthusiasm, Gravesend is synonymous with The Panic Room. To the rest of the world, the town has a small claim to fame for its statue of Pocahontas, so it’s perhaps natural for the former to build a room honouring the latter. Basing a game around this particular historical figure could easily be mishandled, but the design takes care to avoid lazy Disney clichés or sensationalisation; the low-key theme has you in a small library searching for lost document...
A round-up of five games I played at the Panic Room with highlights being Wizard of Oz and Revolucion Ole.
Although not the most advanced or impressive room in The Panic Room’s arsenal it's still a solid room and one that's definitely worth doing.

A small but beautiful room, decor looked good, had some good puzzles, a good way to start my day in Gravesend 

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