The Panic Room Gravesend: Loop

By | March 20, 2019

by The Panic Room Gravesend (website)

23a St Georges Centre, DA11 0TB


2-6 players

60 minutes

A game that totally redefines the meaning of ‘against the clock’.
Step into the laboratory of Frontier Engineering, a research company tackling the unknowns of
science, one paradox at a time. They are seeking teams of 2-6 to undertake a one hour trial of a
mysterious and powerful device they call ‘The Unit’. They won’t tell us what it does, but they
assure us that it is completely safe*.
In this weird science fiction adventure with strong undertones of Portal , you will be transported
to impossible places and experience one of the craziest twists in escape room history.
Seriously, this game will blow your minds!
Prepare to enter….The Loop!
*may cause brain damage, decapitation, vapourisation** and cellular redetermination
**vaporized subjects get a free hat
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What a room! This room is not just a must-do room in Gravesend, but definitely one of the top rooms in the country.
We head to Gravesend in Kent on a cold snowy day to try a couple of Panic Room's rooms. First up is The Loop.
Loop was originally a pop-up room that ran in London created by Clockwork Dog and was then subsequently picked up by the team at The Panic Room. We did not get to see the original pop up version, but if it was anything like this recreation people will not have been disappointed.

A brilliantly executed masterpiece of an escape room! Pitched as a sci-fi mind bender, this room lives up to the moniker. 

Can you open your loop and get out before time catches up to you?

I really enjoy escape rooms. Nonetheless, as I've played more and more of them, I get ever more picky. I see beginner teams come bundling out of a room flushed with excitement and happiness, where I emerge thinking, 'hmm, that was really very good - perhaps three and a half out of five'. Flaws in rooms become harder to ignore, and a game has to be something pretty special to recapture the thrill of my first few rooms.
All of which is important context when I say: Loop was amazing, and I came ou...
One of the best games I've played in London. For a popup it was outstanding with a solid set, some great puzzle and wonderful aha moments throughout the game. It's a travesty more people didn't get to play.
Don’t read this review. If you trust the reviews on this site you should just go and play this game. It’s definitely worth it, and one of my favourite games. But it’s very hard to write about without spoiling the experience a bit. Obviously I’m not going to give anything significant away, but even hinting at what the game does will inevitably clue you in to what to look for and risk spoiling things. So instead I just suggest you go and play it – the game made me gasp audibly in delight twice, and that happening even once is a very, very rare occurrence. (And for anyone concerned, it doesn’t do anything potentially scary, awkward or off-putting – it’s still an escape room at heart).
I wasn’t sure that Clockwork Dog could outdo their last attempt at a pop-up escape game. And yet they have. I’m still not quite sure how. We’ve rated it Generally Awesome, and you should go and play it, ideally before reading the rest of the review.

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