Quest Room: Da Vinci’s Challenge

By | March 6, 2018

Los Angeles, Feb 2018

Rated 4 out of 5
Sam says:

This room needs at least 4 people. I say this because at the start you are split into two groups; we only had 3, and one person was stuck on a puzzle which prevented us joining up (effectively she was stuck on her own).
Like the other Da Vinci room by 60 Out, the decor was good here, with on point physical mechanisms with hidden releases that fitted to the theme.
One major fault of this room is the reliance on colour – both of my teammates are colour blind, and there were no alternative ways to solve the colour puzzles (which further made the fact one of them was on their own even more difficult).
A mention must be made of the additional bonus puzzle with a small reward – nothing to do with the main escape, but it was nice to have something parallel to work on once we knew we were close to getting out. 4 / 5

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