Exciting Game Birmingham: Fun House

By | April 28, 2022

by Exciting Game Birmingham (website)

63 Great Hampton Street, B18 6EL


2-7 players

Languages: EN

60 minutes

Mr Crimson was the owner of a sought-after fun house in a small town. His fun house was like no other . It put the player’s skills and wit to the test .

He built this place for his son, whom he loved very much. His wife was a wonderful woman too. They were just a lovely family. 
Mr Crimson was the happiest man, and his fun house was the happiest place you could ever visit. Until…

The family went on a trip in late August. Only Mr Crimson returned. His wife and son passed away in a car accident.

Mr Crimson was not the same anymore. He not only lost his family, but he lost his soul too.
He started to collect haunted toys and ornaments to bring his family back from the dead.

Something changed about the Fun House too. It became a cold, dark place.

Strange things started happening. Those who entered the Fun House were never seen again. Nor was Mr Crimson…

Do you have what it takes to get out?

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Rated between 3.5 and 4 out of 5

based on ratings from 6 users

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Player reviews

escapeartist1212 expert rated this:Rated between 40 and 40 out of 5
πŸ”James Bloodworth expert rated this:Rated between 35 and 35 out of 5
Played: 23 Sep 2023 Team size: 3 Outcome: Successful escape!
hi-techimmersivegreat hosting😨creepy

This is a well themed room featuring lots of tech and minimal padlocks.  Theming is a good and puzzles are in keeping with the carnival theme (there are some dexterity and physical puzzles to overcome).  There is an option to have a live actor but this is not mandatory.  Puzzles flow well and in some areas are a mostly non-linear fashion and be tackled seperately.  Our GM was Sarah was excellent throughout and clued us just when we were getting a little frustrated.

This is a great little venue with superb hosting, with Escape Brum around the corner, this could form part of a great day out for enthusiasts.

essentialatom experienced rated this:Rated between 40 and 40 out of 5
Played: 3 Sep 2023 Team size: 3 Time taken: 45:35 Outcome: Successful escape!

Great fun to run around this creepy carnival setting and try not to upset the ghosts. Good theming and some clever puzzle design. Plump for the live actor! 

roberts0502 experienced rated this:Rated between 40 and 40 out of 5
Played: 1 Jul 2023 Team size: 2 Time taken: 57:47 Outcome: Successful escape!
Wesley Mead expert rated this:Rated between 40 and 40 out of 5
Played: 17 Jun 2023 Team size: 2 Time taken: 53m Outcome: Successful escape!
SiΓ’n O'Brien experienced rated this:Rated between 50 and 50 out of 5
Played: 8 Oct 2022 Team size: 6 Time taken: 30:53 Outcome: Successful escape!
value for moneyoriginalmagicalπŸ‘»scary

My 30th game and easily in my Top 5. It's immersive and creepy. If you're looking for a game this Halloween, I highly recommend this one. I've done some scary rooms around Birmingham, and none compare to this. Not because it was totally terrifying (although I suspect they'll up their game for Halloween!) but because everything worked; The puzzles were in keeping with the theme, the immersive surroundings were high quality and everything just worked together. Their use of tech and video within the room was very impressive. You could tell time and care had gone in to the design of this game.

If I had one gripe it would only be because we got the record for fastest time, (Cirque Du Slay are now the Team to beat!) so in my opinion it could have been harder, and the GM shouldn't have given any clues, but I'm sure if you tell your GM at the start of the Game that you don't want clues (we didn't do that), I'm sure they would respect that. I'm sure she, like us, didn't expect us to whizz through like we did!

I highly recommend this room, and stick with the company, because they said they have more to come next year too! 

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