Secret Rooms Roma: Sabotage

By | January 6, 2022

by Secret Rooms Roma (website)

Via Giuseppe Mantellini, 44, 00179 Roma RM


2-6 players

Languages: EN, IT

60 minutes

2 copies
Tokyo Bay, USS Missouri – 2 September 1945

The representatives of the major world power got together in the deck of the USS Missouri to sign the Japanese Instrument of Surrender, marking the end of World War II!

Apparently the world has finally achieved peace, but all that glitters is not gold and all the great powers remain possessed by mutual hate.

But someone is plotting in the darkness and planning the revenge in order to destroy the enemy… or perhaps the entire world?!?

Save the world from the Third World War. You are a special task force and you must infiltrate in a secret military base. Your mission is to steal the nuclear warhead launch codes and find out the hangar where it is already setup for the strike.

You only have 60 minutes available to deactivate it before the inevitable will happen.

Cooperate with your team and save the world from the Third World War.
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