The Conundrum Box: Maui’s Curse

By | August 13, 2021

by The Conundrum Box (website)

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Maui challenges you! As you visit Hawaii, you learn of a dire threat to the islands. Not all is what it seems in this mystery though! This Polynesian-themed escape room-in-a-box will keep the whole team entertained!
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If you are missing those traveling days, this is definitely a game that can get you to imagine some of those ocean waves and summer breezes. The puzzles were fun yet satisfying for beginners and pros. For groups feeling competitive, award the leis to the person who solve the puzzle first. At the end of the game, calculate who got the leis the most and they'll be crowned the Lei-der. As you can see, our agent #3, "the sniffer" gladly took that title.

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