SENSAS Genève: Sensas

SENSAS Genève: Sensas

By | July 9, 2021

by SENSAS Genève (website)

Rue de Richemont 19, 1202 Genève


4-30 players

Languages: EN, FR, DE, IT

60 minutes

In teams of 4 to 30 people, test your 5 senses and face your fears! Thrills and laughter guaranteed!
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SENSAS is not an escape room. As an experience it’s closer to the style of the live Crystal Maze, in that it involves a series of challenges for you to tackle as a team, collecting tokens for your successes as you go. Unlike the Crystal Maze, in SENSAS it’s usually more than one person active at a time, most often with half the team taking point and the other half supporting, then swapping round.
As the name suggests, SENSAS is based around the concept of the five senses, and each section is th...

For two hours, you will explore your senses (including in complete darkness) have fun and experience a loss of control like never before. But it does not stop here. By surpassing yourself, you will collect a number of SENSAS Charms which will be converted into a donation that SENSAS makes for its partner charity supporting people with disabilities.

We immerse ourselves in a multi-sensory experience, putting our senses and body to the test!

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