Deadlocked Escape Rooms Reading: Tunnelling Through Time

By | April 8, 2021

by Deadlocked Escape Rooms Reading (website)

122 Castle Hill, RG1 7RG

1-6 players


90-120 mins

The Thames Tunnel at The Brunel Museum in London was the world’s first underwater tunnel, and Deadlocked Escape Rooms have collaborated with The Brunel Museum to create our most cinematic adventure yet.

What starts as a simple task of helping contractor Joey Beamish with some network tests soon explodes into a time travelling romp through the true stories of the Thames Tunnel.

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Based on actual(ish) events, Tunnelling Through Time combines a bit of time travel with pleasing puzzles, and the magic of the movies to deliver a digital escape like no other. With 100% of the proceeds going directly to The Brunel Museum, I can’t think of a better way to  have fun, learn something, and support a great cause; can you?
We truly enjoyed this experience. This wasn't a simple digital game but more like a puzzling journey through immersive theater. I loved the graphics, sound, characters, costumes and most importantly the narrative. Deadlocked Escape Rooms always strives to give their players as much as they can in terms of value. They're always pushing new boundaries when it comes to game design and technology. We've been fans since day one when we played their "The Insiders". Thank you for yet another beautiful production and taking us along for the ride.
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I really enjoyed playing Tunnelling Through Time. It’s filled with the charm, humour and clever puzzle design we’ve come to know and love about Deadlocked.

We finished the game in just over an hour and we were a little sad that it had ended. As with their previous charity collaboration, this game is more accessible for less experienced escape room fans.

Die-hard puzzle veterans might get more of a brain workout from their meatier options – The Insiders and The Cyphstress β€“ though there’s something for everyone to enjoy here.

Give it a go, support the museum and learn something while you play!

Overall, Tunnelling Through Time was a perfect collaboration for a great cause. The amazing experience steps back in time with interesting characters, unique puzzles & mini games. The diverse mix of escape room puzzles to fun mini game styled puzzles, opened up a enjoyable way to learn about some of the true stories of the Thames tunnel. 

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