NW Escape Experience: Jurassic Tours

By | April 3, 2021

by NW Escape Experience (website)

Up to 10 players

Team of 2: ยฃ50.00 $70.00
Team of 4: ยฃ101.00 $140.00
Team of 6: ยฃ151.00 $210.00

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You have been invited to crazy Doc Braunโ€™s laboratory to experience his latest invention! Introducing Jurassic Tours! The very first adventure tour through time! Go back to the Jurassic Era and on a guided tour and witness real life dinosaurs in the wild! Relax! What could go wrong?Oh and leave your cell phones at the door! Where weโ€™re goingโ€ฆwe donโ€™t need phones!
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