Beverley Breakout: Room 118

By | March 22, 2021

by Beverley Breakout (website)

Up to 6 players


120 mins
You are hot on the tail of the elusive notorious gem thief. New intel just in believes that here is their exclusive hideout! Room 118 Walkergate, unnoticed by the investigation team before you. Is this the breakthrough you've been waiting for? However you have no idea of the thief's name or identity, or even any solid evidence that links them to the thefts. What can you find to solve this case…??You will have to search the property to try and discover their true identity. Work together as a team and gather the evidence you need before they return and the whole investigation is ruined or worse… Each of your team will enlist as a key job role to help in the success of this operation. Have you got your wits about you to keep track of the tools relevant to your job role and maximise points for your team. This new room will be more than just escaping...
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Possibly the biggest Telescape game we’ve played so far, it really just kept on going. There is a do-or-die ending to the game but one way or another, you will be able to finish.

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