Enigmida: Escape The Plagues

By | March 15, 2021

by Enigmida (website)

2-6 players

Β£11.00 $15.00

45-60 mins
Level up your Passover experience with Escape the Plagues! This family-friendly exploration of our modern plagues will spark discussion about how we can truly escape and what it means to be free.
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We haven't seen a game that incorporates history, culture and social messages all in one game before. For someone who is not familiar with Passover, we had some unexpected joyful moments. The issues that the game touched on (community solidarity, climate justice, indigenous activism, mutual aid, and Jewish anti-racism) were just some of the problems we face as a society today. It was great to be able to see the game designers at Enigmida come up with such clever ways to build awareness through the medium of puzzles and narratives. The art itself also subliminally bought out the fact that kids are the future and we must take actions today if we want changes tomorrow!

In Escape the Plagues, we escaped thematically, although this print-and-play puzzle game was not an escape room. Co-created by REA Hivemind reviewer Matthew Stein, Escape the Plagues was a light puzzle hunt designed to spark conversation, and connected to the Jewish holiday of Passover.

This is a great game (that won’t take all evening) and a wonderful conversation starter for families that want to talk about social justice and the actions they can take in their own communities. If you’re looking for a starter game to introduce younger players to the genre, I think this game would be a great purchase for you. Plus, a healthy percentage of the proceeds go to some great charities, so it’s a win-win all around.

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