Enigmarium Online: Maestro Luigi & the Secret Recipe

By | February 25, 2021

by Enigmarium Online (website)

2-5 players

£65.00 €75.00

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Escape hedonists, welcome to Maestro Luigi’s famous kitchen! The famous chef Maestro Luigi created a recipe for pasta that made everybody happy. When the thugs found out about the recipe, they set out to steal it. Thus Luigi had it encrypted. Will you be able to decipher the encrypted recipe and make the world happy (before the thugs arrive)?
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For a newcomer to the remote escape room world, Escape Room Enigmarium has most of the important items down. The GM definitely played a big part in this experience. With some more practice on sturdier camera movements, character play and an inventory portal, this could be a solid game. Too bad we can't play this in person. I would love to make a delicious pasta dish!

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