Enchambered: Together At Heart

By | February 13, 2021

by Enchambered (website)

For 2 players

£7.00 $10.00

Your puzzle solving and communication skills will be put to the test. Control mysterious gadgets and work your way through a two-player online escape experience. Collect items and share them with your teammate using the new items transfer feature. Help each other discover the truth of an enigmatic device and find out how the many items and controls you find can assist you. Use your new found skills to finally fix what was broken and escape the machine! Using two separate devices, play with a friend on the couch, or even across the globe on the phone or video chat!
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Of the free online escape rooms I've tried, one of my top recommendations has always been Enchambered's Alone Together, a short but delightful game for two based around communication. That game is now first in a trilogy, where the later two games are paid games; the just-released third part is Together At Heart. As with the earlier two, this is designed as a game for exactly two players. Each player has their own screen full of curious items and mysterious clues, and progress relies on both play...
We’ve enjoyed all the Alone Together games but this was our favourite, and possibly the most challenging. Play it as a team of two, or maybe four, and you’ll have a great experience.
We loved everything about this game. The storyline was a great way to connect the puzzles. It was clear to us that we needed to find the robot's heart and mend it together to make it function again. The graphics were beautifully done. Each time when we clicked on a mechanism, the sounds would clearly indicate if something was solved or we should be looking for a change in the game. It was a very touching moment when we pieced the two parts of the heart together. This is a great game to play on Valentine's Day. Test how well you are able to communicate with each other and let's see if you're really "connected" at heart!
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