Omescape San Jose: Kingdom of Cats

By | January 24, 2021

by Omescape San Jose (website)

Wool Creek Dr, Suite E, CA 95112-2622

San Jose

2-6 players

60 minutes

Austin Schrodinger rules the Kingdom of Cats. Every year, he holds a championship tournament to crown the wisest cat in the kingdom. Unexpectedly, you, as a human, accidentally join the championship and the battlefield. According to the law of the land, your entrance to the battlefield requires you to complete the tournament or be imprisoned forever. Now, you must solve the puzzles or be a prisoner forever.
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A mixed bag of catnip and bullsh*t left us even more confused than the very notion that we somehow qualified for the championship competition of a cartoon cat kingdom in the first place.
Omescape is a company familiar to many US enthusiasts, and having run three games in North London for a couple of years now they've expanded to a second branch in Aldgate. The first game at the new branch is one I've seen mentioned several times in enthusiast discussions of games with unusual themes: having trespassed in the Kingdom of Cats, your only chance of persuading King Jasper to show you mercy is to complete a series of challenges to prove your worth. This is a huge contrast to the gritt...
An eagerly-anticipated game that never lived up to its billing. As perhaps befits the cat theme, it felt more laid back than most games I've played but that took away from the excitement that's core to escape rooms.
Est-ce que ça vous est déjà arrivé de commencer un escape avec un fou rire ? Mais un de ces fous rires pas drôles, ceux qui ont quelque chose de nerveux et de désespéré ? Eh bien nous, ça nous est arrivé et pourtant on voulait aimer cette salle. On aime les chats, on avait hâte de faire preuve d’agilité et de montrer nos pattes de velours lorsque nous avons réservé chez...
We have to escape from the Cat Kingdom in this feline themed escape room in London that is far from purr-fect.
First impression of the room was good. The theming worked well and it was an interesting set up. The game was immersive and seemed to flow very well.
Purrr... Omescape's Aldgate escape room sees you trying to flee the land of the giant cats... Get me-owt of here!

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