Ezkapaz: Time Stop Barber Shop

By | December 27, 2020

by Ezkapaz (website)

3955 blvd Saint Laurent, QC H2W 1Y4

3-6 players

£16.00pp CA$28.74pp

📹remote avatar
You wake up in a barbershop with no recolection of how you got there. Problem: You are no longer in 2018 but some time in the 19th century! You quickly realize that you are trapped by an ingenious mad man who masters the art of time travel. He chose you as his guinea pigs… His challenge which he presents to you? Locked in the barbershop of the infamous serial killer Sweeney Todd, you must escape before he returns or you might be his next daily special.
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Everything I've seen of Ezkapaz suggests they're a company with flair and creativity, who invest both money and effort into creating interesting, involving experiences. I'm putting that up front because this is my second review of a remote avatar game of theirs, and the second time that I'm rating them lower than what I feel the game could and should be getting. In both cases the single most important reason for that is the custom interface they use. It's an ambitious and clever way to smoothly ...

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