Indizio Online: The Compass Remote

By | December 13, 2020

by Indizio Online (website)

Up to 6 players

Team of 2: £82.00 €95.00
Team of 4: £91.00 €105.00
Team of 6: £100.00 €115.00

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It is called Dæmon, the alter ego in the form of an animal being that accompanies everyone in this fantastic world of the golden compass. They have extraordinary abilities and as long as they grow, they constantly change their form. Without them, all humans are hopelessly lost, without them, they are no longer complete.
Lord Asriel - dust researcher and time traveler - has suddenly disappeared without a trace. He was the only one who could have stopped the Magisterium. This is where you come in. Send your avatar on his trail and help him solve the disappearance of Asriel.
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