Lost Escape: The End?

By | December 10, 2020

by Lost Escape (website)

4-6 players

Team of 4: £35.00 €40.00
Team of 6: £52.00 €60.00

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An old abandoned cabin located near the mysterious Seniava cemetery has been a cause of a great fear and distress for the locals for many years now. The blood-curdling noises coming from the depths of the cabin definitely make you think twice before approaching it. They say that once upon a time a family that lived there was possessed by an evil spirit and their bodies were found laying in a monstrous pool of blood.
Nowadays, the tragic destiny of the family is following everyone that dares to step into the old cabin.

Your team was invited here to break the curse that was torturing poor people that came into its grasp for hundreds of years and escape with your hearts still beating.
The legend has it – the only way to do it is by destroying the demon hiding in the cabin. One must stab its heart with a dagger.

Will your team be able to do it?

Or will you meet your end here too?

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Lost Escape focuses a lot on their set design and we love that. Since we're unable to enjoy those physical puzzles remotely,, we would love to see a bit more variations of puzzles being implemented. An inventory portal might help with some audio component of the game as well. This would increase player's participation rather than putting all the hard work on the avatar. Perhaps added some more video/character play can also enhance the eerie story line. Of course, we would love to play there in person one day!

The room provided an interesting contrast with the one I had just played. While this previous room was absolutely gorgeous, but didn't leave me regretting I could have played it in real life, Lost Escape's offering did make me wish I could have been there in person. And no, this has nothing to do with the room looks (it was a nice-looking game, but nothing exceptional). The thing that bugged me...

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