Trapp’d Billing Aquadrome: 46 Below

By | November 12, 2020

by Trapp'd Billing Aquadrome (website)

Crow Ln, Great Billing, NN3 9DA

4-6 players

Team of 4: £60.00
Team of 6: £80.00

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After years of dreaming, you have finally booked your Arctic Adventure! Clambering onto the plane, you place your hand luggage into the overhead space and settle down into your seat. You were quite lucky to nab a window seat, you’ve heard the view into the Arctic is quite breathtaking! It’s a long flight ahead, a solid 14 hours but you don’t mind. Flights have never been a particular issue for you, it’s mostly the landing. However, your route does pass over the Borean Rectangle and this concerns you a little. The Borean Rectangle is a large frozen wasteland deep in the Arctic and it’s confirmed that 117 planes have mysteriously vanished over this area although no one can determine why or how. The story is the same for every plane; communication cuts out and the crew and passengers are never heard from again. No one has dared venture into this territory by foot for fear of unknown horrors... A scared man’s mind can invent all kinds of terrors. You abruptly shake these thoughts from your mind and tell yourself not to fret over trivial matters. Hundreds of flights pass this icy barren every day and only a few go missing. You’ll be fine!

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It is a policy with Trapp’d to supply all players with blindfolds before they enter a room, so that they don’t see their surroundings before the game starts. With their abandoned mine and American West games they also give all players plastic shoe protectors to wear. In those games the level of hazard to your clothing is an indication of how full-on the sets are, so it was a promising sign that 46 Below used the same shoe protectors.
The plot here is that you’re stranded in the Antarctic by a p...

A fun room with strong set design and a good story to follow. Families (particularly kids) will love this room! A bit of wear-and-tear that needs to be fixed, but we enjoyed it regardless

Billing Aquadrome is a bit of a random place to travel to just for 15 minutes of fun.  Alternatively, you could take your time and luxuriate in the batty uniqueness of this game

The best thing about this room is the immersion, these guys have pulled off something which we never expected to find in Billing Aquadrome.

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