Edaqa’s Room: Carnival

By | November 11, 2020

by Edaqa's Room (website)

1-4 players

£9.00 $12.50

The Carnival is coming and you're definitely going! Rumour has it that a secret society is hiding there, luring potential members with puzzles spread over the fair grounds. Come; show your mettle; beat the carnies at their own games.
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Carnival is the second offering from game designer Edaqa, and since his first was named Prototype I guess it’s appropriate that this one builds on that game’s style and engine. This is an evolution of the point ‘n’ click Flash escape games, where you have a series of scenes that you can navigate between using arrows at the side of the screen, and each scene has hotspots where you can click to pick up an item or interact with something. In this one you’re finding your way around a carnival; there...
If you’re looking for some light-hearted family friendly fun, with some trickier puzzles to keep your brains sharp, Carnival is an excellent option, and perfect for remote teams
This is a great game for friends and family to enjoy together. The game really bought out the carnival spirit with its colorful graphics, festive music and joyful puzzles. You actually felt the happiness you would feel if you were actually at a carnival. We're able to interact with many items and some even made us chuckle with their silly humor.

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We take a trip to the carnival where a secret society is hiding there, luring potential members with puzzles.

Carnival is a brand new online escape room by Edaqa Mortoray and it describes itself as “A 1 – 4 player game full of puzzles, horses, and hot dogs.” – Yep! I couldn’t have said it any better than that. Although, I’d add one extra note. It’s PACKED with charm. And exactly as it should be! Edaqa is a fellow escape room enthusiast with over 120 escape rooms under their belt (which is more than me). The creativity of puzzles really shows!

Beneath this seemingly simplistic exterior, Carnival has some solid puzzles and good puzzle flow. Appropriate to the carnival theme, anyone playing this game is in for some good clean fun with a light, bright storyline. I’d recommend this one be played with two or three players (four if there’s more than one device).

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