Want To Escape: Guardian of the Gallery

By | July 31, 2020

by Want To Escape (website)

40a Newton Road, NN10 0HD


2-6 players

75 mins
Can you help? There have been multiple strange occurrences at the gallery recently, leading up to the missing artefacts. But not all is as it seems. 'The Caretaker' has disappeared too, with strange messages left in his stead. It's almost as though he's done this on purpose - but we know very little more.
We can supply the message from the caretaker, but have nothing else to go on.
Could you and your crack team come and help, and SOON!?
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There’s a nice dose of humour present throughout the game together with effective, charming world-building, not harmed by the 75-minute running time, which allows greater immersion than a usual hour-long slot.
We will just come out and say it – this is probably one of the most immersive rooms we have completed in the UK. Often with UK escape rooms you feel somewhat immersed but you cant quite overlook the fact you are in an ex-office building, this place bucks that trend.

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