Esc The Game: Esc From Sub TXI

By | June 27, 2020

by Esc The Game (website)


An underground criminal gang known only as The Forsaken have hacked into the government's mainframe and stolen a number of confidential documents. The exact nature of the documents is unclear but rumour has it, they include the nuclear launch codes.
Can you infiltrate the organisation and destroy the documents before it's too late?
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We were impressed with ESC the Game’s first offering to the world of online escaping, and ESC From Sub TXI is equally as enjoyable, if not more so. With an arguably near-perfect online interface for remote teams, coupled with clever puzzles and a nice game flow, Sub TXI is one to consider.

We’ve stowed aboard a criminal gangs submarine tasked with sabotaging their dastardly plans. Can we stop their next attack before it’s too late?

A shipshape escape room with no sinking feelings in sight.

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