Escape Out: Prison Break Live

By | June 13, 2020

by Escape Out (website)

Rua Dom José Lopes, 700, Boa Viagem, 51021-370

Up to 10 players

£32.00 R$250.00

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At Southport Penitentiary there was a very mysterious prisoner, Andrew White. A retired math teacher who was in jail for 10 years accused of robbing a famous Spanish bank. During all that time in prison, Professor White plotted his escape and prepared his cell so that, at the right time, he could escape. He kept this secret very well guarded, until an enemy faction discovered and tortured him, in an attempt to extract the secrets from the cell that would set them free. Professor White, however, revealed nothing and ended up being mercilessly murdered.
Our gang bribed some guards and, at this very moment, we managed to get into Professor Andrew White's cell! Comrades, now we need your help to solve each of the puzzles left by the professor to finally escape Southport! We count on you!
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