The Panic Room Online: The Panic Room

By | June 13, 2020

by The Panic Room Online (website)

1-6 players


60-120 mins
You will receive a secured envelope containing all the documents from the panic room that will help solve the mystery. They have tried to bury the truth but we need to find where the UFO is hidden, and how to activate it. It must be a string of words, seemingly random, that we'll need to send via radio. We'll need to be close enough to transmit.
Supposedly, this message is the key to activate the vessel and we're going to hijack an alien ship.
Find the codes, uncover the conspiracy, hijack a UFO. Are you in?
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If you like deciphering codes and symbols, you'll really love this game. It was great to be able to see ciphers being created in various ways (video, imagery, symbols). There was an online portal you'll be able to input all the answers once they are discovered from the puzzle pages. 

The Panic Room Puzzle Book Experience was similar to other games of a similar nature from The Panic Room, and had a few puzzling highlights, and a few tricky moments. Just remember: Don’t Panic!

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