Locked In Escapes: The Infected

By | June 4, 2020

by Locked In Escapes (website)

2760 N Academy Blvd Suite 301, CO 80917

3-6 players

Team of 4: £58.00 $79.85
Team of 6: £79.00 $109.75

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London, the bustling hub of England, a metropolis of discovery and innovation. Steam-powered vessels keep it moving, service automata keep it running, and other alchemical anomalies keep it interesting. For days now, people have been consumed with a mysterious illness. Those who contract it develop green rashes across their skin that spread at an alarming rate. After the appearance of the contagion on the flesh, the infected quickly become unpredictable and violent. Beyond this stage, the ailed person begins to seek out others to spread their condition. No medicine has proven effective. This city where you research new technologies to help the future of humankind, is now the one where humanity may very well end. You’ve received an urgent letter in the post, a summons from a family member of a close colleague; they are gathering the astute minds of London to develop a cure to end the disease. Will you and the other innovators save the world from this pandemic.
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