Daytona Escape Room Experience: The Black Jewel

By | May 18, 2020

by Daytona Escape Room Experience (website)

679 Beville Rd., FL 32119

Up to 10 players

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During a violent storm you and your fellow landlubbers have capsized your vessel near an outcropping of small islands. Thankfully a large ship is approaching โ€“ you have been saved! However, when the crew brings you aboard, you suddenly realize youโ€™re on the infamous pirate ship โ€œThe Black Jewelโ€ with Captain Jack Blackerby. Tales of his guzzling down rum, chasing busty wenches at near by ports and sending prisoners to Davy Jonesโ€™ locker have traveled near and far.
Captain Blackerby trusts no one and doesnโ€™t allow strangers on his ship, but he is in desperate need of more swabbies for the ship. Unfortunately for you, the Captain sees you eyeing his treasure chests and has become convinced you are on board to hornswaggle him out of his fortune.. The first mate has been ordered to lock everyone to the brig to await your fate. Meanwhile the captain has gathered his band of pirates and set off to find more loot to add to his fortune.
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