BH Escape: The Mistery of Santos Dumont

By | May 6, 2020

by BH Escape (website)

Rua Cristina, 1445, Santo Antônio, 30330228

Belo Horizonte

Up to 6 players

£31.00 $40.00

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After some calculation errors, our temporal agent was trapped in 1933. Exploring a little, he discovered that this is the home of the most renowned Brazilian inventor: Alberto Santos Dumont. We managed to contact him via the latest technology and established communication between you. Help him to explore the home of the great inventor and use his inventions to be able to energize his machine and return to our time. Remember: If you can't do it in an hour, the machine will collapse, forever damaging the time fabric.
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Like the name of the game, the entire room felt like a mystery. I liked how it slowly unraveled as we discovered clues and solved puzzles.

If our agent knew what awaited him back in 2020, he’d beg to be left in 1933

This is another room I would qualify as "nice", but the price point provides a bonus appeal - a whole group can play for the price of a similar 2-player game in Montreal. A good game to play with people whose company you can't currently enjoy!

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