Brainstorm Escape Games: CSI:ATL Online

By | May 6, 2020

by Brainstorm Escape Games (website)

3060A Business Park Drive, GA 30071


Up to 6 players

Team of 2: £39.00 $50.00
Team of 4: £68.00 $88.00
Team of 6: £77.00 $100.00

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The Department of Homeland Security has discovered that a major terrorist cell has been found in the Atlanta area. The evidence suggests that they are hiding in a nearby suburb to the north, called Norcross, and they are planning something big! You need to figure out where this terrorist event will take place before it is too late. They will carry out their mission in 60 minutes, unless you can stop them.
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A caveat, here - I played this game when they’d fairly recently opened and were still experimenting with the remote play format. So it’s likely they’ll refine how the game works following further experimentation.
The name of the game might suggest a murder scene, but in fact you’re investigating a terrorist cell. Narrative was fairly light though, mainly providing theming for a mostly linear sequence of puzzles leading up to opening the exit door.
Guiding us through this was our two friendly h...

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