ClueQuest: Print + Cut + Escape Episode 2

By | April 28, 2020

by ClueQuest (website)


Languages: EN

120 mins
The sequel to the first mission, your mission in Alpha Brain System is to help Mr Q infiltrate the CUBE - a mysterious facility owned by the world's greatest villain, Professor Blacksheep. Once reunited, you must all work together to find out exactly what the Professor is planning - and put a stop to it!
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When reviewing Cluequest's first play at home game I complained about the amount of time it made me spend cutting out paper clues before I could start playing. With Alpha Brain Scan, instead of reducing that they've doubled down. Pre-game preparation involved 40 minutes of cutting out paper fragments, a highly tedious task that had me ready to dislike the game before I began. And despite that, having now played it I have no hesitation in saying that the effort was completely worth it and ...

ClueQuest have turned the difficulty up to 11 for this game and that will likely give you love/hate feelings towards it. We loved it and it kept us occupied for nearly 2 hours, which for Β£12 is a bargain. If you want a challenge, give it a try!

We love the art work throughout the game. There were definitely some fun moments like the time when we try to "act" out the laser game for no particular reason. 

Jokes aside, ClueQuest have done it again! Another fantastic episode in their play at home game series, a cut above the rest in uniqueness and ingenuity. Escape room companies across the world take note!

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This is not your average play at home escape experience! The puzzles that are created out of pieces of paper are absolutely brilliant – we piloted a paper submarine around spinning icebergs, directed invisible lasers using paper mirrors and hit a golf ball over a paper obstacle course of London landmarks, all while following the story via some fantastic online videos.
Alpha Brain System was worth the wait and we loved how the game entered a new dimension and developed more on the story in a visual aspect.
ClueQuest is back with episode 2 of PRINT+CUT+ESCAPE!…Alpha Brain System! This time we have awesome video content to transition between chapters and add drama and a more vivid storyline.

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