Clue Cracker: The Disappearance of DJ McDee

By | April 28, 2020

by Clue Cracker (website)

68 St John's Road, TN4 9PE

30 mins
In the town of Tunbridge Wells, local celebrity DJ McDee is due to release his Number 1 album at a once in a lifetime gig, “DJ McDee: Live at The Forum”.
You, as a dedicated fan and fellow Raver, are due to attend, but when you arrive at The Forum, ticket in hand, you can see something’s not right!
Follow the trail of clues left behind by his evil nemesis MC Floggin, save our local DJ and help release a Number 1 hit! (Spoiler alert, the song is really catchy!!)
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McDee is one of many short games in this list where each screen shows you a puzzle, and entering the solution unlocks the next one. Of the games in that style, this one might be my favourite.
If you're looking for a game to dip your toes into the water of virtual escape rooms, look no further! The Disappearance of DJ McDee is a great way to try out the format before committing to Clue Cracker’s paid games (which are also highly enjoyable.) And yes, the song is really catchy

Do stay for the full concert at the end by DJ McDee, it just might make you get up and boogie a little!

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All-in-all, a well thought out, simple, free online game with fun characters, which is brilliant for first timers and those wanting to get a quick escape room fix!  

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