Dr. Bob’s Puzzles: HH2019

By | April 28, 2020

by Dr. Bob's Puzzles (website)


£6.00 $7.99

240 mins
This year's hunt is loosely themed around New Year's Eve!
Puzzles have gentle hinting to accommodate puzzlers of all levels. It is worth noting that those who have played previous Holiday Hunts will find that this one is a bit longer (on par with 2018). That said, while the text suggests 4 hours, I expect the fastest solvers to finish within a couple of hours. The hunt is set up to accommodate those that wish to take their time and take breaks between puzzles.
To do this hunt, you will be directed to URLs of PDFs that you are expected to print and solve - so, before playing you should be sure you are appropriately equipped (computer/internet/color (ideally) printer). Scissors would also be helpful.
Also, do not hesitate to use the internet as a resource. For example, there are many codes that could prove useful that are easily found on the internet.
If you are not familiar with Cryptic Crosswords, you would benefit from doing a quick internet search on how those work.
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