Mind Trapped: The Mob Informant

By | April 22, 2020

by Mind Trapped (website)

34254 US Hwy 19 N, FL 34684

Team of 2: £36.00 $49.95
Team of 4: £58.00 $79.95
Team of 6: £80.00 $109.95

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Talk on the street was that Paulie had it coming to him. But, actually, Paulie was one of the good guys. He was working as an informant for the organized crime unit and suddenly went silent before he was able to turn in his report. And now, we’ve received word, that he was the subject of a mob hit. There’s a viewing tonight at Raguzzio Funeral Home & Crematory, his family’s business. You have 60 minutes to get in there before the family starts arriving to pay their final respects to their beloved Paulie, and try to retrieve any evidence that he may have left behind for the case to put the Gallo Crime Family behind bars for good.
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