Exit The Room Vienna: Bomb

Exit The Room Vienna: Bomb

By | January 28, 2020

by Exit The Room Vienna (website)

Hernalser Gürtel 20/K 1, Wien, 9 1080


2-6 players

Languages: EN, DE

60 minutes

You're in the cold war and just learned that one of your agents stole a nuclear weapon and joined the other side. He wants to start another world war and end humanity. He is hiding in his secret bunker and you are one push of a button away from the ultimate catastrophe. Only you and your team can stop him in a final push to prevent a third world war.
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Well, this is the kind of room that represents what we don't like. A room not maintained, puzzles present only to keep you busy, a factory aspect for the reception and especially a real impression of money pump because this price for two players with 50 instead of the usual 60 minutes (for a room that is not simpler for all that) is really ridiculous.

Exit The Room Linz is the second of the two Escape Room Companies we have in our home town Linz, Austria. The first one we have already reviewed (Check out our Review of Masters of Escape in Linz >>), now it is time to share the experiences we had in Exit The Room Linz. They just opened […]

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