Escape Hunt London: Kidnapping in the Living Room

By | March 20, 2019

by Escape Hunt London

Central London

60 minutes

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If only the room had looked half as good as this… Outside the room A couple of weeks after my last visit to Escape Hunt I was back again, with the biggest group of players I'd ever organised. I'd booked EIGHT rooms for 37 people, so half the group were playing this room, and half the one I'd played
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This was exciting. A new London venue but not one by some hobbyists. Oh no. This was Escape Hunt. One of the biggest room escape franchises in Europe, if not the world. The big boys had come to London to play, with three different rooms in a massive venue hosting eight in total. This could redefine room escapes as I knew them – we’d played a few games by smaller companies getting started in a very young UK market, but what would the professionals bring?

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