Escape The Crate: Chapter 1: Escape the Confederate Spymistress

By | March 20, 2019

by Escape The Crate (website)

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With the ever-increasing number of play-at-home escape games coming onto the market, I guess it was a matter of time until someone tried a subscription-based version - and that's exactly what Escape The Crate have done. You sign up in advance to a two, four or six month subscription, and since a new game is available every second month, that corresponds to one, two or three episodes.
Why buy them on subscription instead of purchasing individual games from the series? Well, firstly they're linke...
Abraham Lincoln is about to be assassinated, and it’s our job to travel back in time and stop the killer so history can play out as it was meant to be written. (With Abraham Lincoln getting assassinated a few years later by someone else.)

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