City Mazes London: Bamboozled

By | March 20, 2019

by City Mazes London (website)

Unit 39 The Studios, 10 Hornsey Street, Islington, N7 8EL

Central London

2-10 players

60 minutes

After playing a mysterious board game that you found in your attic you’re somehow transported into a jungle world! The only way to escape is by completing the game in 60 minutes or less! Will you be able to finish it before whatever is lurking in the wild finds you?
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Bamboozled is one of City Mazes's new stable of purchased game designs, currently available both at their London branch and in Cardiff. Unlike their earlier homegrown designs, the new ones have visible inspiration from TV or movie franchises, and Bamboozled is fairly explicitly based on the film Jumanji. Following the movie, the story is that you've discovered a mysterious board game, and playing it has trapped you inside a jungle world.
A major centrepiece of the room is a physical board game....
A game that delivers an acceptable quality on all fronts while never really managing to do well on any of them. It isn't a game that you're going to travel across the city for but, if you do head along, I don't think you'll hate it either.
The theme of this room was great! You are greeted with an impressive centrepiece which instantly becomes the focal point of the game. There was a good variety of puzzles, some of which utilised technology in a way we had not experienced in previous rooms.
We signed up to get trapped in a Jumanji-esque, sentient, vaguely hostile jungle environment. What did we make of it?

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